The story of how we got started

Two college students with a new approach to social media

June 2019

Founder Raluca is gifted an iMac and begins to self teach Swift

Raluca was tired of the restrictions she faced on social platforms in which her posts were not seen by many friends and felt the pressures of complicated algorithms. With the frustration of other social media content creators, Raluca begins Hive as a passion project in her bedroom and self-taught herself how to code.

October 2019

Hive’s first app version is launched on the iOS App Store

After coding all summer and even stretching into the first semester of college, Hive was finally finished and released to the iOS App Store!

November 2020

New user experience work is done to Improve Hive

After seeing Hive's potential our designer reached out to Raluca to see if Hive needed help to improve their user experience.

February 2021

Hive reaches #1 on the iOS App Store

Hive welcomed thousands of new users to the  community. We reached #1 on the iOS App Store and were featured in Teen Vogue! We grew past 300K users during this time and since then have grown to 600K organically.

May 2021

Our dev is brought on board to build out Hive’s most exciting updates

During our growth, we realized we needed extra help to execute the Hive vision accurately. Our full stack developer- since he joined, all updates have been released with minimal bugs and the highest praise from our users.

October 2021

First Check

Most tech companies have funding anywhere from $10 million - $20 million. Hive’s funding, however, originally came from two college students- with Raluca even taking out two personal loans to finance the app. In October, Hive secured its first check from an angel investor!


Hive hit 1.5 Million users in November 2022, and continues to welcome thousands of new users to the app each day. A startup is a marathon and our sprint is getting even more exciting!