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Bringing back what you used to love about social media in a new way. Join Hive and express yourself through profile music, text posts, and multimedia posts!

Easily keep up with friends

With our chronological feed you'll never miss a post. One of the biggest issues from algorithm heavy social media apps is not being shown media you want to see as your account gets heavily targeted with ads and promotions. We change this by only showing you what you want to see chronologically.

No shadow banning or higher priority account shown. All friends are displayed fairly in chronological order

Image and Video

Share pictures and videos with your friends! Our chronological feed will make sure they see it 🐝


Powered by Giphy you can comment and post GIFs throughout Hive!


Want to get an opinion from friends? Ask them a question and let them decide the answer. Polls are a fun way to interact with your friends

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A look at some of our updated features

Working day and night to bring you frequent updates

Profile Music

Express yourself through music on your profile. You can choose between old school autoplay and autoplay turned off.

Full color theme takeover
Be proud

Share your zodiac sign and pronouns on your profile to express yourself

Polls & GIFS